Dr. Cavan Brunsden with a special needs patient at Kidzdent

Special Needs Dentistry and Sedation

For patients with special needs, including mental and physical disabilities, dental appointments can be a strenuous event. At KidZdent, our dentists and dedicated team utilize a gentle and personal approach to provide dental services. Our top priority is patient comfort, and we work closely with caregivers to create a relaxing environment for patients with special needs. Being compassionate and willing to apply treatment only when the patient is ready are characteristics a dentist must have when treating those who may need a little more time and attention.

What to look for in a special needs dentist:

Dentists should do all they can to make a patient’s visit relaxing. Before beginning the initial appointment, it may be best to help them get acquainted with the environment and team by bringing them in one to two days before.  Our dental team helps a patient feel calm to the best of their abilities, but if a patient still feels uncomfortable, sedation is a choice to consider.

Why consider sedation for special needs patients?

Sedation dentistry is a great option for patients who have special needs or require extra care when receiving treatment. It supports a  positive dental experience and decreases stress levels when visiting the dental office. If a patient with special needs requires more comprehensive procedures, sedation may be administered to address everything in one appointment, while they rest comfortably. Our dentist is able to complete the necessary services efficiently and effectively.

What sedation options may be provided by your dentist?

Even with a professional team’s extensive efforts, it can still be difficult for a patient with special needs to remain calm through a dental visit. While patients may outgrow the need for sedation, it is a valuable option to have on hand in case a caregiver ever deems it necessary for their treatment. We offer a few forms of sedation: :

  • Nitrous sedation keeps a patient conscious but has them feeling light and relaxed.
  • Oral conscious sedation keeps a patient aware during treatment, but puts them in a twilight sleep where they cannot remember their procedure. o
  • IV sedation has patients in a semi-awake state and allows them to communicate with the dentist. This sedation option leaves a patient with little to no memory of the dental care they have received.

For more information about how KidZdent may help patients with special needs feel comfortable throughout their treatment process, contact our Old Bridge dental office.

2 thoughts on “Special Needs Dentistry and Sedation”

  1. I’m so glad you discussed sedation dentistry to ensure that kids who freak out with dentists still take home a positive dental experience after getting their teeth treated or extracted. Not only does this make the process stress-free for children, but it would also enable the dentist to work properly even with rowdy, panicking kids. I’d keep this option in mind when the twins get to visit their first dentist in the summer to get their pearly whites checked.

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