Meet our
Hygiene Team

Our Dental Hygienists are highly trained professionals, specializing in pediatric and special needs patient management.  They are considerate, caring gentle individuals that custom tailor your child’s dental cleaning visit to meet their needs and alleviate their fears.  They create positive relationships with their patients and teach proper diet and oral hygiene techniques in a constructive, creative way.

Administration Team

The KidZdent Pediatric Administrative Team goes above and beyond each day to assist you with receiving the highest level of insurance benefits, assisting with convenient appointments for Recare and dental treatment, and creating affordable payment plans, so your child can enjoy a lifetime of heathy KidZdent smiles!

Administration Team

The Family Orthodontics Administrative Team at KidZdent works hard to help you maximize your orthodontic benefits, to create affordable payment plans, and to assist you with obtaining convenient appointments so you can enjoy the perfect, healthy smile of your dreams!

Dental Assistants

Our Pediatric Dental Assistants are highly trained, compassionate, caring professionals who work hand-in-hand with our doctors to alleviate your child’s anxiety, explain dental treatment procedures, inform of post-operative care, and ensure positive pediatric dental experiences.


Our amazing orthodontic assistants certainly know how to keep things “straight”, and they work hand in hand with our orthodontists to bring our patients the beautiful smiles that they have always dreamed of!


The senior management team at KidZdent is responsible for recruiting, training, and directing our team members to provide you and your family with the best experience possible.  They ensure that the business and clinical operations of the practice are running efficiently and smoothly, and that each interaction with our employees exceeds your expectations.   

Get in Touch

Have questions or need any help from our team? Reach out to us below and one of our team members will get in touch with you as soon as we see your request.

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