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Traditional Braces

Standard, or traditional, braces are used to correct crooked and crowded teeth, a misaligned bite, and/or jaw problems. Most professionals refer to standard braces as ‘traditional braces’ and it’s what most people typically picture in their head when thinking of the term ‘braces’. Traditional braces consist of two basic components: customary metal brackets which are applied to your teeth with a bonding material, as well as bendable metal wire which is threaded through each bracket to connect the appliances and direct the movement of your teeth. The shape and size of the wires activate the movement and shift the teeth into the desired position.

A protective layer of dental “sealant” is carefully applied to ensure safe placement and removal of the appliances, thereby preserving the enamel. Bands (stainless steel rings with braces welded to the steel) are often used on the molar teeth to ensure appliance retention. The braces alone do not move teeth; they are simply stable guidance mechanisms that allow wires and other accouterments to affect the actual tooth movement (wires, chains, elastics, coil springs, and other devices).

The steady periodic adjustment of braces is required to gradually straighten the teeth and align the jaw to achieve an ideal aesthetic and proper function. Metal braces tend to be the most cost-effective and popular choice for young adolescents because of the fast transformation and movement of the teeth to their appropriate placement. Another advantage is that there is less discomfort and pain than previous models. Standard or traditional metal braces are also the most common type of braces, although there are a wide variety of treatment options available. But remember, just because there is a standard, doesn’t mean our patients don’t have an opportunity to customize them to fit their lifestyle. Selecting details like colored elastic bands are an excellent way to straighten your teeth in style!

Dental advancements and technology have now allowed even traditional metal braces to be sleeker, smaller, and more comfortable. Size and intrusiveness is no longer a problem. Plus, new heat-activated arch-wires use your body heat to help teeth move more quickly and less painfully than in the past.

Duration of Braces

When it comes to how long a person is required or needs to wear braces, it depends on each individual case. However, the treatment of braces usually ranges from one to three years for most individuals. Upon completion of orthodontic treatment, our KidZdent orthodontists and pediatric dentists will recommend that you wear a retainer to ensure your teeth are held into the positions to which they have been moved to. Instructions will be provided by one of our expert orthodontists based on the assessment.

Maintenance of Braces/What to Expect

Both taking care of your braces and following post treatment instructions are very important to successful treatment results and long term retention. This entails eating nutritionally and avoiding hard foods, or foods that are sticky and sugary. Adding to much sugar into your diet while wearing braces can lead to excess plaque build-up, making it extremely difficult to clean around your brackets. You do not want to cause additional or permanent stains or damage to your teeth, so minor dietary changes and dental hygiene habits will be necessary.

Careful brushing and flossing are advised daily. Brushing all around each and every brace is essential to the maintenance of dental health during the orthodontic process. Flossing with floss threaders will be necessary to clean under the wire at each point of contact and is recommended at least once a day.

Our team of orthodontists and patients are partners in this adventure and cooperative participation by the patient is necessary to make the process proceed accordingly. Careful oral hygiene and compliance with all prescribed appliances and instructions provided to our patients by our orthodontists will guarantee to make the process a huge success leading to an ultimate straight and healthy smile for life!

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