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Tooth colored braces for a more discreet look

When referencing ‘fixed appliances’ used as tools to correct the alignment of a patient’s teeth, stainless steel or clear ceramic braces are what individuals seem to be most familiar with. However, did you ever wonder exactly how these tooth colored braces work or only care about the transformative end result? Our family orthodontists select the best option for you based on carefully assessed information regarding your needs and your lifestyle.

Clear ceramic braces are an integrated system that uses gentle force to navigate teeth into a desired position.

  • Arch-wires- Thin wires that guide the teeth into the desired positions – think of them as
    the “track”.
  • Bands- Metal rings that secure the braces to the back teeth.
  • Brackets- Small squares that secure the arch-wires to the teeth, providing a “foothold”
    for each tooth.
  • Ligature Ties- Tiny rubber rings or fine wires that secure the arch-wires to the brackets.
  • Elastics- Rubber bands that help align the upper and lower teeth with respect to each
    other – a “turbocharger” for tooth movement.

Clear ceramic braces, also called tooth colored braces, are just as common as metal ones because over the years they have become smaller, more comfortable and of course, aesthetic pleasing.

Clear ceramic braces are the same shape as traditional metal braces only they are a much more discrete treatment option. The brackets attached to your teeth are clear and hard to see. They can be even less noticeable if you have clear or tooth-colored wires. … The arch wire is metal but it can be frosted, silver or white to blend with your teeth.

The two biggest deciding factors between clear ceramic braces vs. traditional metal braces is the duration of the treatment. Although the clear ceramic braces blend more effortlessly with the color of your natural teeth, a patient’s teeth will shift and be guided into position a bit more slowly because the pressure put on the brackets is less.

Additional Benefits of Clear Ceramic Braces

  • Ceramic braces are said to cause less discomfort because they don’t irritate the gums or cause inflammation.
  • Ceramic braces either have semi-translucent ceramic brackets, which are better for very white teeth, or tooth-colored ceramic, which is better for slightly darker teeth. Either way, they blend in well.
  • Ceramic braces are strong, especially if they are high-quality. They usually don’t chip or break unless they are badly abused.

Daily Life/What to Expect

A few days after your braces are put on, or after an adjustment, it is completely normal to experience some slight soreness or discomfort for a day or two. Over-the-counter medication or at-home remedies to ease the tenderness will supply sufficient relief. And then of course, there is always eating softer foods to enjoy. Braces will not alter the way you live your daily life. Young and adult patients will be able to resume their daily routines and participate in all regular activities. If you are active as an athlete, it is always recommended to wear a mouth guard for all contact sports.

Time Capsule

Braces can sometimes be a bit of an investment of one’s time- but always worth it! Orthodontic treatment is one of the only, easy self-improvement projects in which someone else is responsible for all of the ‘lifting’. Patients will be able to achieve their perfect smile forever once treatment is complete. Although this will vary from person to person, the average range for orthodontic treatment is between one and three years.

What’s on the Menu?

Many people don’t realize that you can still indulge in a great variety and all of your favorite foods even while undergoing orthodontic treatment with clear ceramic braces. There may be some obvious ‘DON’TS’ like popcorn kernel, sticky/gummy candies or hard nuts which are best to be avoided, but as long as you continue to rinse and brush accordingly, patient’s should be fine. You just don’t want to do anything that could potential damage the bands, wires, brackets, or other appliances.

The important thing to remember is proper cleaning as a way of preventing all of the usual dental issues, like cavities, plaque build-up, food particles in the brackets, etc. Our orthodontists will recommend certain tools that our patients can use to make sure they are able to maintain optimal oral health with their tooth colored braces.

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