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Why Should You Consider Early Orthodontics for Your Child

Early orthodontics promotes an aligned bite and enhances dental function, minimizing any oral concerns before they become serious issues. Many of us do not naturally develop perfectly straight teeth, so beginning treatment at an early age helps avoid expensive restorative procedures. At KidZdent, we want parents and their children to understand the importance of initiating orthodontic work while the problems are still easily corrected.

Correcting a misaligned bite

By determining the symptoms of a future issue by the age of seven, our team at Family Orthodontics at KidZdent helps your child avoid the progression of bite misalignment. Herbst appliances can manipulate a young patient’s bite into proper position. This prevents invasive surgeries later in life, aiding their dental development.

After the completion of orthodontic treatment, our orthodontist may offer your child fixed retainers to inhibit relapse from occurring.

Palate shaping

A necessary component of a child’s maturing smile is the shape of their jaw. Early orthodontic care is effective because of young patients’ malleable jawbone and palate, allowing for non-invasive expansion. Guided palate development creates the appropriate amount of room for adult teeth, minimizing the need for extensive smile correction in the future.

Crowding and discomfort are usually the results of insufficient space for the permanent teeth to fully erupt. If a patient has waited too long to undergo palate modification treatment, extraction may be required since the jaw has already set and the teeth are crowded.

Use braces to express yourself

While many children do not find it ideal to have metal wires and brackets in their smiles, advancements in dental technologies allow braces to be more customizable. Your child can express themselves through the colorful bands holding the wires in place. Our dental office has a wide variety of colors, so children can feel more confident wearing metal braces.

Discuss your child's treatment today!

If you are looking to begin your child’s path to an aligned and healthy smile, contact KidZdent today! Our orthodontists help their young patients feel confident about their teeth and avoid experiencing dental issues in the future.

2 thoughts on “Why Should You Consider Early Orthodontics for Your Child”

  1. Thanks for explaining why early orthodontics could be good for a child. I didn’t know that guided palate development can help give a child enough room for adult teeth. This sounds important especially if it can help a child’s teeth come in correctly.

  2. It’s interesting how pediatric orthodontists have made wearing braces more fun by allowing kids to express themselves with customized wired and colorful bands. This should be one way to encourage the twins to wear braces to keep their generously spaced teeth compact and straight. To avoid giving them that nerdy metal-mouthed look, it would be good if they could get their bands made in a combination of neon orange and green to make their smiles awesome.

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