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Dental Treatment

Dental Treatment & Behavioral Management

What is behavioral management for a child?

There are many different ways to help a child feel comfortable in a dental setting.

For some children, a visit to the dentist can be a worrisome and create anxiety. Especially when they are having a procedure done. When you bring your child to KidZdent, you can always expect things to be done with your child’s best interest in mind. Our entire staff from front to back have been trained with a child’s special needs in mind.

Our entrance and waiting area was created with a child’s mind in thought. Fun toys, bright colors, and a play castle create a warm and friendly environment for children and their families to wait for dental treatment. This child friendly theme can be seen throughout the practice. (Can further discuss child friendly office décor)

To alleviate fears at our office, we use a “tell show do” technique with our dental procedures. This means that we tell our patients what we are going to do, show them the items being used, and then do the procedure. We show them each item that will be used to remind them, that if it feels ok on your finger, it will feel ok on your tooth. Allowing a child to hear some of the sounds, for example the polisher and the vacuum can reduce fear as well. These techniques relax the child and create a sense of calm providing for a positive patient experience.

Creating a trusting patient/doctor relationship is an integral part of the Kidzdent philosophy. Children need to feel comfortable and at Kidzdent we do our best to provide a warm comfortable relaxing environment for your child.

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