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Invisalign® vs. Traditional Orthodontics

If you wish to straighten your smile but do not want obvious metal wire braces, Family Orthodontics at KidZdent offers a solution. Invisalign clear braces are available to teenagers and young adults who are responsible when it comes to their dental care. These clear aligners are popular due to their undetectable nature. The common comparisons between Invisalign clear trays and traditional braces are:


One of the major considerations taken when choosing an orthodontic treatment is the amount of correction your smile needs. If you have mild to moderate malocclusion Invisalign trays are ideal for you. Those who have severe cases of misalignment, overcrowding, or gaps should take traditional metal braces into consideration. They are a tried-and-true method of straightening your teeth for those more difficult cases. Consult with our dentist to determine if the clear aligners are a suitable option for you.


One of the most appealing aspects of Invisalign clear braces is their discreet appearance, making them the ideal choice for natural aesthetics.  Compared to traditional orthodontics, Invisalign trays are not bulky and do not draw attention. Invisalign clear aligners are fabricated from an invisible medical grade plastic to securely fit around the contours of your teeth.  While metal braces are known to cause discomfort and soreness of the cheeks and teeth, Invisalign clear aligners subtly shifting your teeth into alignment.


When a patient is wearing Invisalign clear braces, they do not need to avoid their favorite foods. The clear aligners are conveniently removable. Simply remove the trays during meal time. Always remember to reinsert the braces once you have completed eating and have brushed or rinsed your teeth. The Invisalign trays must be worn for 22 hours a day.

Traditional metal braces have a knack for trapping food between wires, making the debris difficult to remove. Special flossing instruments, such as Waterpiks® or floss threaders, are usually needed when the food becomes stuck.

Straighten your teeth without other people noticing!

Call KidZdent to find out what orthodontic method works best for you! Our Old Bridge orthodontists want to help everyone achieve a beautiful straight smile!

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  1. In most cases, full orthodontic treatment will last anywhere from 18 months to three years in duration. However, this number can vary quite a bit depending on a patient’s age and condition. It may be necessary to remove a few teeth in order to make room for the changes to come, particularly if you have a small mouth that is overcrowded with teeth. These are just a few of the factors to consider before beginning treatment. Today’s orthodontics methods are more convenient than ever before, however, as a product of the latest dental technology.

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