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Does My Child Need Orthodontics?

Almost any child can benefit from an evaluation and care by an orthodontist at a young age. While some are lucky enough to grow into straight smiles, with no alignment issues early in life, there are many children whose bites are misaligned as their jaws develop or whose teeth are crowded. Orthodontic care for children creates the best possible environment for confident, healthy smiles as they grow.

Any of the following treatments can be recommended for young patients:

Children: Habit breaking appliances

Thumb sucking is a common habit for children, but it can prove detrimental as kids continue thumb-sucking or tongue thrusting as they get older. This constant force and pressure can cause teeth to flare out, changing bite alignment. Trying to get your child to minimize or stop these habits can be frustrating, which is where orthodontics appliances come in handy.

For these patients, habit breaking appliances are available. These are usually thin metal retainers that block the area immediately behind the front teeth. Children are no longer able to suck their thumbs or push their tongues against teeth. This preventive measure can reduce the risk for severe alignment problems later in life.

Children: Early orthodontics

For kids, early orthodontic intervention can minimize any other treatment needed as they get older. When your child loses a baby tooth, existing baby teeth can shift towards the gap. This creates less space for an incoming permanent tooth and affects adult dental alignment. With appliances like space maintainers and specialized mouth guards, however, our team can create the right framework for your child’s developing smile. Adult teeth will have plenty of room to move into position.

Teens: Adolescent braces options

If your child has benefited from orthodontic intervention at a young age, they may need less complex straightening treatments in their teen years. Our dental office provides natural-looking, clear braces for teen (or adult) patients who need mild to moderate changes to their current dental alignment.

Straight teeth are much easier to clean, which helps young patients enjoy strong and healthy smiles into adulthood.

Ask us about pediatric orthodontics!

If you have questions about which treatments are right for your child, we invite you to contact our specialists at KidZdent and Family Orthodontics today. We provide preventive and corrective orthodontic treatments for kids, teens, and even adults.

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