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How to Stop Tooth Decay in your Toddler’s Smile

Toddlers often have a difficult time at the dentist, especially when they need cavities treated. The only way to avoid these is with daily hygiene and preventive care. Tooth decay is caused by a few factors, including diet, hygiene, and irregular dental visits. With daily attention and mindfulness, your child can avoid developing cavities and have consistently positive dental visits.

Healthy diets for happy smiles

Oral health is directly tied to the food we eat. Since toddlers are typically picky about food, it may be difficult for parents to help them maintain a nutritious diet without causing a tantrum. Getting them to eat fruits and vegetables, instead of gummies, chips, or pretzels, can go a long way to protect their teeth. These particular foods get stuck between teeth and increase the risk for unhealthy bacterial growth. If they have an unhealthy snack, have them drink water afterward to rinse away any debris, or have them brush their teeth.

To help you child have brighter, healthier teeth, you can implement some practical rules for their diet. Limit the desserts or sweets and find healthier alternatives to their snacks. Don’t let them go to bed with a juice cup or sugary drink, as overnight exposure leads to tooth decay. All in all, providing a healthy diet for your child, especially if they’re picky, promotes their oral health and their overall well-being.

The importance of daily brushing and flossing

Parents need to establish oral health as a priority for their child, helping them be mindful of how their early dental health will affect their adult smile. Although flossing may not be necessary until your child has their full set of primary teeth, brushing is essential. Use a soft brush and dentist-recommended toothpaste to keep cavities from developing. Help them develop these habits daily so they can learn to do so on their own. Have your toddler brush with you, allowing you to make sure they do it right. This is also a fun way to connect with your child and can make this activity fun for them.

Visit the right dentist

Young children need to visit a dentist experienced with their age group. At KidZdent, our team of dental and orthodontic professionals have a passion for improving your child’s oral health and are specifically trained to care for their teeth. Our pediatric dental practice in Old Bridge offers kind and compassionate care to all children, especially those with special needs. Visit or call us today to see how our fun and friendly team can help your child have a beautiful smile!

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