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At KidZdent, we care for you and your family through comprehensive pediatric dentistry, special needs dental care, and orthodontics. Our compassionate team offers quality care tailored to the individual needs of your family and ensure children look forward to their next dental visit.
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Our Specialty Services

Our Old Bridge pediatric dentists and orthodontic team ensure expert care at every stage of your child’s development – from infancy, where we examine patients for tongue and lip ties to their teenage years when orthodontics become common, and even into adulthood.

Seeing a dentist who caters to the special needs of each patient, patients will receive the most benefits  of healthy, life-changing oral care. KidZdent truly values the insight provided by the parents our special needs patient to help ensure a nurturing and effective dental care experience.

A beautiful, healthy smile can change the way people feel about themselves, promote positive self-esteem, and help to maintain the overall health of the entire body. We help children, teens, and adults obtain the smiles they deserve and provide long term retention and follow-up.

Why Children LOVE and Adults TRUST KidZdent

Since 1985, our Old Bridge dentists, orthodontists, and experienced team members have created an inviting and educational environment for the whole family. We accomplish this through our tell-show-do approach when treating your child. This way, both the child and the parent feel at ease throughout their entire appointment. We stay current with modern pediatric dental treatments and techniques and provide educational materials and instruction in ways that you and your child can understand.

Our recreational and media areas are equipped with fun, engaging activities for your child, interactive play stations, and of course, educational brochures for parents to learn more about the latest hot topics in the dental field, newest innovations in dental care and helpful tips and guides to safeguard that their children achieve proper development, optimal results and a lifelong, healthy smile. We are dedicated to our patients in every way possible. Our number one priority is health and wellness, and as long as that stays top of mind, trust is established and our integrity is never compromised. Ultimately, good relationships between your child and one of our pediatric dentists are built on the foundation of our specialty practice.

KidZdent’s reputation means everything to us… When patients share their kind, heart-felt sentiments and positive anecdotes from their dental visit, it makes our hearts smile and helps others who are seeking a credible, professional atmosphere where they can establish a dental home for their family. We truly believe in offering a perfectly blended mix of high energy, hands-on care while providing the very best in dental service, leaving all apprehension behind you.

KidZdent’s mission is to create an inviting and educational environment for your children. Our state-of-the-art dental practice and highly qualified, experienced team have helped countless families, just like yours, acquire healthier and more attractive smiles. Our team takes the time to explain treatments, answer all questions, and ensure our patients, from toddlers to young adults, are comfortable and happy. #KidApproved

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