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PATIENT SPOTLIGHT: Meet the Family That Travels Over Two Hours to their Favorite Dentist

If you were a KidZdent patient as a child, you have some pretty high expectations about the quality of dental care and the dental experience for your own children. And when you hear that your husband has had a lifelong aversion to the dentist due to his early dental experiences, you know that you do not want that for your children. So, you make the decision to go to the practice that you trust for your children.

Let the KidZdent Experience set the stage for your children’s life of premier dental care and health.

Meet this mother of two who travels over 2 hours to bring her children to her childhood dental home, KidZdent. 

KidZdent: When Patients Become Family

She wanted to ensure that her girls had the same wonderful experience as she did- especially after learning that her husband had a less than positive one, leaving a permanent impact and apprehension on him- even into his adulthood.

Dr. Brunsden and KidZdent left such a powerful imprint on her smile and overall dental journey; it was logical for her to make the decision on where the right place was to bring her children. KidZdent was her choice and the long distance was not a factor. That speaks volumes about the practice. She wanted the same happy and fun memories for her children that she remembers about the dentist and of course, lifelong, healthy smiles!

When we heard about this mom and her story in our office, we knew we needed to sit down with her and find out more. As much as we pride ourselves on providing the very best dental care and creating an environment focused on patient service, professionalism, education and fun, we knew her decision to travel to us was one that we wanted to know more about.

We understand what it truly means to drive those miles just to have this type of specialty care, and wanted to share with others the KidZdent difference. Thank you to all who trust their family’s dental health with our KidZdent family! We are very proud to be a part of their lives and receive this warm sentiment.  #KidApproved

For more information on Why Parents Trust and Children Love KidZdent or to schedule a preventative care dental visit, please call us at 732-679-2323.

PRO TIP: Find a Dental Home by Age One

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry encourages parents to establish a dental home for their child by age one- during the developmental and best preventative years. The dental home is the ongoing relationship between the dentist and the patient, inclusive of all aspects of oral health care delivered in a comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated, and family-centered way. The dental home should be established no later than 12 months of age to help children and their families institute a lifetime of good oral health. This is the concept behind an early and everlasting smile!

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