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Patient Spotlight: Inspiring Our Patients Who Turn Into Family

When a child becomes a patient at KidZdent, they have not only begun their dental journey towards lifelong, healthy teeth, but they are also supported and set up for success by joining our family forever.

We have had countless patients who have grown up in our office, right before our very eyes, and now as adults, they choose to bring their own children right back to the place they call their dental home- KidZdent.

Some patients have even gone that extra ‘smile’ by securing a place in our heart as internal KidZdent family members. They have chosen to work on our administrative team, become dental hygienists, return to us as dentists, market our practice and more!

FUN FACT: Even our own Dr. Savage, Dr. Hillary and Dr. Hoque, all grew up as a KidZdent patients who trained and worked in our office. (Dr. Hillary as a sterilization lab assistant during her undergraduate education years.)

This is a true testament to our practice and creating a positive experience and healthy environment for everyone who walks through the doors.

After 35 years dedicated to interacting with our patients as well as the diagnosis and treatment of their dental and orthodontic needs, we are proud to nurture the brightest smiles and recognize that each of our patients are a part of our story. KidZdent believes that every time you smile you help to create a happier story. Our dentists and orthodontists do not just treat teeth, we treat people. And our patient spotlight shows!

Erica Margolis

Meet Doctor Erica Margolias. She is a recent graduate of the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. (Do you know who else is a fellow alumnus? You guessed it, Dr. Cavan Brunsden! Dr. Brunsden also completed his dental degree at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine where he graduated as a member of OKU, the National Dental Honor Society!)

In 2019, Margolias received her doctorate degree as an outstanding, award-winning student. Erica is now continuing her higher education and potential launch pad for her career as a Dental Resident at Monmouth Medical Center.

Erica is extremely excited to begin the next chapter of her life and accredits Dr. Brunsden and KidZdent as playing a huge role in her decision to become a dentist.

Erica insights, “It all began at KidZdent. Ever since my childhood as a patient of Dr. Brunsden, I have been inspired to pursue my dreams of becoming a dentist. Now my dreams have been realized. I remember how special my visits to the dentist were and I knew I wanted to provide dental care and change the world one smile at a time- just like Dr. B. I am super grateful for Dr. Brunsden and Dr. Villa attending my graduation to watch my dream become a reality! Yet again, they created a huge smile on my face during this incredible moment. It’s all full circle.”


On behalf of the entire KidZdent family, we are truly proud of Erica, her accomplishments and her continued drive. She has all the potential in the world and we can’t wait to see where life takes her and her smile. And who knows, perhaps one day she may join our practice… It’s happened before!

We, as her dental family, are amazed at how much our patients make us proud of our influence in helping them go from dreamers to doers. Erica Margolias is the ultimate example of just that.

Erica represents the latest of 20+ other KidZdent patients who have pursued higher professional education and became dentists.

We are very proud of Erica and wish her continued success always. The KidZdent family will remain dedicated to providing an environment of positive dental health experiences for children – and a lifetime of smiles.

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  1. Sue Hellerstein-Margolias

    So proud to call myself Erica’s aunt Susie!! She is an incredible young woman with a future that is endless!!!

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