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Introducing NEW Technology at KidZdent: Light-Scalpel Laser

KidZdent is now utilizing the most cutting-edge CO2 laser technology on the market- the latest device to come from LightScalpel for oral surgery and soft tissue dentistry. This new technology will be leading the forefront in the treatment of lip and tongue ties through frenectomy procedures in our office.
Skilled practioners assess each patient’s situation and needs to determine which method is best for the patient. Traditional surgery with a scissor is quick, but may require suturing. With the LightScalpel CO2 laser, a precise and intense beam of laser light interacts with the tissue to ensure that there is no mechanical stress or discomfort. The LightScalpel CO2 laser is used to make the incision and has the unique ability to remove any unhealthy and damaged tissue. This laser is both gentle yet powerful enough to perform the procedure in seconds. Years of experience and professional expertise in medicine and oral surgery have gone into the design of the LightScalpel Laser.
·       Approved by the FDA
·       Highly accredited in peer-reviewed publications
How It Works?
The LightScalpel CO2 laser produces a concentrated beam of light which is highly focused for clean lines to both cut and seal the blood vessels at the same time. There is no mechanical trauma to the tissue and the laser is so precise that it can selectively remove only a few tissue cells at a time. This device was selected to provide superior care for our patients.
What are Advantages of the LightScalpel CO2 Laser?
KidZdent is proud to offer this new technology as there are several benefits to our patients. These benefits include:
·       Minimized Bleeding
o   Most scenarios do not require sutures because as the LightScalpel vaporizes the tissue, it also seals the blood vessels resulting in a major reduction or potential for bleeding. This creates a quick and easy treatment.
·       Less Swelling & Discomfort
o   Again because the beam of lights seals as it sculpts, there is limited discomfort and post-operative swelling.
·       Reduced Risk of Infection
o   There is a sanitizing effect of the laser which diminishes the risk of infection which leads to faster healing.
·       Shortened Surgical Procedure Time
o   During the procedure, since there will be minimal to no bleeding, our dentists will have improved visibility of the area and will not have bleeding interfere with the surgical site.
·       Expedited Recovery
o   In most cases, there is no real ‘recovery time’. Patients may resume school the same day and resume normal routine activities. Avoid athletic contact for a few days to minimize the risk of contact with the area to allow complete and proper healing. 
·       Improved Results
o   The lightweight, ergonomic hand-held piece and flexibility of the LightScalpel allows for enhanced precision and pin-point definitiveness in hard to reach places to ensure accuracy throughout the procedure for the best possible outcome. 
Is the LightScalpel CO2 Laser Safe?

Our team of pediatric dentists at KidZdent is trained to follow the highest standard of care and treatment with a laser is as safe as any other instrument that you may find in a dental office.

All laser treatments require patients and practitioners to wear protective eyewear which will be provided during your procedure to avoid laser exposure.

Infant Laser Frenectomy

This is a very common procedure for infants who are about to embark in their developmental journey. Many infants have trouble latching on in the early stages of breastfeeding and recent studies have shown that lip and tongue ties are a common cause of these feeding issues. Frenectomies (Lip Tie/Tongue Tie releases) are the solution.

We are happy to enhance our treatment options and continuously expand our knowledge and training in the area of lip and tongue tie treatment as well as the health problems linked to this condition.  KidZdent will be sharing more details on how the LightScalpel laser will help to revolutionize our practices. Rest assured our KidZdent pediatric dentists are committed to the highest standard of care in all areas of health and dentistry.


Benefits to using a laser scalpel at kidzdent

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